Our Favorite Flippers: The Carnivores

If you have been looking for ways to eat clean and flip things up a bit, you have probably heard of the carnivore diet. It is believed that in addition to weight management, this diet can help with blood sugar regulation and mood issues. But what exactly is the carnivore diet all about? Below are some important things that you need to learn about the carnivore diet.

What is the Carnivore Diet!

 If you haven’t heard: The carnivore diet can simply be understood as a restrictive diet that only includes animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, and milk, among others. It excludes vegetables, legumes, fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains. Some proponents of the carnivore diet also recommend limiting or eliminating dairy products to minimize or prevent the intake of lactose- a sugar that is found in milk. The carnivore diet also encourages people to drink bone broth and water but discourages drinking coffee and tea.

Origins of the Carnivore Diet

 The Carnivore diet is not new. Several communities around the world have largely depended on animals for food for hundreds of years. Examples of such communities include the Gauchos of Brazil, the Sioux of South Dakota, the Chukotka of the Russian Arctic, and the Masai of East Africa, among others. One of the high-profile promoters of the carnivore diet is Shaw Baker, a former New Mexico-based orthopedic surgeon. Proponents of the carnivore diet controversially believe that human ancestral communities primarily ate meat and that the chronic diseases that plague modern society can be attributed to plant-based diets rich in sugar.

Benefits of Flipping to Carnivore

The proponents of the carnivore diet claim that the diet helps with optimizing the natural functions of the body. According to them, the diet helps to improve body weight, diabetes, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, digestive issues, arthritis, and skin problems. It works by forcing the body to get in the state of ketosis, where it starts to burn fat, and consequently facilitates weight loss. Besides, the carnivore diet can help diabetic people eliminate refined sugars from their diet, which can help them manage their blood sugar levels more straight forwardly.

Potential Dangers of Carnivore Diets

Critics of the carnivore diets are mainly traditionalists who believe that this kind of diet is too unbalanced to be healthy. The potential dangers of the carnivore diet include:

  • Lack of fiber could lead to digestive problems
  • The diet has a high concentration of sodium, cholesterol, and fat, meaning that it could lead to heart disease.
  • The diet lacks some essential micronutrients and minerals, and therefore, it can reduce a person’s immunity


Overall, it is apparent that if you need a radical change in diet to help you do you, you can try the carnivore diet.

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